Luxe Property Investments

is passionate about building new residential homes and frequently seeks development opportunities in the South East of England. Examples of such opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • A house which sits on a large plot of land, including an area of garden which is not used.
  • An oddment of land with road access.
  • Any residential development site with planning. 
  • Brownfield sites including yards and garages.
  • Greenfield land which has not previously been developed.
  • Commercial properties and offices with potential for residential conversion.

    We are always interested in discussing opportunities with you, our team will provide you with professional and confidential advice on your land and can make you an offer with no obligation.

    Luxe Property Investments ensures all business matters are conducted openly and honestly. We liaise with our clients at every stage of the planning process and work around their needs and requirements.

    We are happy to assess the potential of any land opportunity for development. If you are interested in selling to Luxe Property Investments, please contact us